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Tim Cawkwell's Cinema

Intelligible writing on intelligent film, plus some poetry



  1. A show that's open only two weeks is as ephemeral as a frame of film passing through a projector gate. But just as the 1/24th-second frame can leave a lasting impression, so can a two-week show.

  2. Guy Sherwin’s ‘Light Cycles’ comprised seven installations: seven 16mm projectors showing films on a loop, with seven screens. Five of the films can be found on his DVD, ‘Short Film Series 1975-2014’, but subtle as these are, the installations complexified their subtlety.

  3. It starts and ends with the screen. The first installation on entering the gallery was 'Projector illuminating itself': a strip of transparent leader, spliced as a mobius strip, throws its rectangle of light on a mirror angled to throw the image onto a mirrored screen which throws the light back at the projector projecting its image onto a wall. This is the basic proposition of the elements of cinema: light, a strip of film, a mechanism for running it through a projector, and a resulting image – or shadow play -- on the screen.

for the whole essay, download the PDF here

[5 pages, 1200 words]