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Tim Cawkwell's Cinema

Intelligible writing on intelligent film, plus some poetry

Bresson Study Materials

  1. Books on Bresson continue to appear. The outstanding one in my opinion is ROBERT BRESSON REVISED, edited by James Quandt and published by the Toronto International Film Festival Cinematheque. (It's 'revised' because it was first published in 1998; this updated and expanded edition came out in 2011.) You can read my assessment of it here.

  2. The Bresson website, is ably managed by Trond Trondsen from Canada. It contains Bresson materials, interviews and an excellent online bibliography, covering books, articles, newspaper cuttings etc. There is an interview with me by Jonathan Hourigan.

  3. Another good website is a French one, with a number of clips and intriguing articles:

  4. Further material from me is as follows: