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Tim Cawkwell's Cinema

Intelligible writing on intelligent film, plus some poetry

Avant Garde

JANUARY 2017: review of SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT : the first decade of the London Film-Makers' Co-operative 1966-76

JUNE 2016: Malcolm Legrice's Little Dog for Roger

APRIL 2016: Peter Gidal Flare Out Aesthetics 1966-2016

MARCH 2016: Guy Sherwin's 'Light Cycles'

MARCH 2015: I have assembled my Brakhage pages in one place.

I first saw so-called American Underground films in Oxford in May 1968, when I was twenty. This was courtesy of the package of films with which P. Adams Sitney toured Europe. They made an indelible impression, fostering a desire to make films myself and influencing how I did so, and stimulating forty years of thinking.

I have opted for calling them Avant Garde films here, but the term feels dated. However I have no better candidates at present. They are Independent but different from the idea of being non-mainstream, they are Counter-cultural except they have now been co-opted more into established culture, they are Experimental but that somehow suggests they are unfinished, they are artists' films but then so are many narrative mainstream films.

For what I have written so far see the list on the left.

One of my 'most-visited' pages is on 'Francis Bacon and Stan Brakhage at the butcher's'.

I attended the Temenos festival in 2012 showing Gregory Markopoulos's Eniaios parts VI, VII and VIII. My diary for this event is available through Sforzinda Books. See My Books.