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Tim Cawkwell's Cinema

Intelligible writing on intelligent film, plus some poetry

About Me

I came to cinephilia in my teens and have nurtured it assiduously ever since. I had a brief spell working at November Books in London for Ian Cameron, the editor of Movie (although its glory days were behind it), whom I assisted in the editing of ‘The World Encyclopaedia of Film’ (1972). I made films through the 1970s and into the 1980s (see My Films below). My first book was ‘The Filmgoer’s Guide to God’ in 2004, heavily revised in 2014 as ‘The New Filmgoer’s Guide to God’. During this time I received encouragement in having articles on Bresson and Dreyer accepted for the journal ‘Theology’.

I launched a website for my writing about film in 2008, which led me into digital publishing: ‘Film Past Film Future’ came out in 2011, followed by ‘Temenos’ (2012) and ‘From Neuralgistan to the Elated Kingdom’ (2013) and ‘Between Wee Free and Wi Fi’ (also 2013). I then modified my belief in the all-digital future for books and published ‘A Tivoli Companion’ (2015) as a paperback as well as a digital book. From 2015 I started writing books about cricket in search of a larger audience. See My Books.

You will gather from this that besides the cinema I am interested in other things such as music, poetry (and literature in general), painting, sculpture, architecture, gardens, history, religion and philosophy. While there is value in studying film purely for its own sake, there is merit too in linking it closely to its historical and cultural context.

Check out short films on Vimeo:

When I stopped making films I started using a still camera. The advent of the digital camera allowed a more professional quality to the image, and I now take lots of photographs.

I was born in 1948 and live in Norwich in the UK.


from Sketches for the Creation

from Sforzinda

from Coast View

from Diverse Motions